Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Discovered New Friends"

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The week before Halloween 2012, the love of my life and my best friend left me for unknown reasons. Looking back on that time, I’m glad that it happened, because it led me to discover something awesome, namely: the law of attraction.

For about a decade prior to this traumatic event, my life had been feeling pretty dark and out of control. My relationships–not just my romantic relationship but my friendships as well–were unsatisfying. Then, when my girlfriend left me, I finally hit rock bottom. However, after this happened, through a chain of extremely strange and unexpected events, I stumbled onto the film “The Secret” and the book that followed it. And since the very moment of this discovery, my life changed–and not just a little.

My life changed almost completely.

The day I watched the movie, I dove into my study and application of the law of attraction wholeheartedly. Today, due only to a simple change in my feelings and thoughts, I am truly happy with my life. Here are just some of the changes that have occurred since that day:

  • I attracted more money.
  • I attracted a ticket to a law of attraction seminar that I didn’t even know about. Then I attracted a chance meeting with the speaker, who is a law of attraction coach!
  • I reconnected with old friends and met new friends, all whom live by the law of attraction. (Before this time, I hadn’t even realized that these old friends knew about it.)
  • I attracted a new girlfriend.

On New Years’ Eve, I had been planning on staying home alone, but my best friend twisted my arm to go out … and I’m so glad I did. That night, an attractive woman walked up to me and struck up a conversation. We began talking just as if we were long lost friends.

We’ve been inseparable ever since.

On our first date, I asked the woman if she had ever heard of the law of attraction. To this, she smiled and replied, “I learned about it a few months ago and have been living by it ever since.”

Before I started living by the law of attraction–that is to say, before I became aware that I was living by it, and started doing so purposefully–these kinds of chance encounters never happened to me; now, they happen all the time.

I know, with every fiber in me, that my knowledge and practice of the law of attraction have brought all of these wonderful new things into my life.




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  1. Hi Mollie:
    The Secret:
    That was my introduction to this path I’m on now too. Fascinating how many people discover LoA through this film/book. I’ve moved well beyond what “The Secret” states now, however.

    I’m grateful for being shown the way through that film.

    Jesse said:
    The week before Halloween 2012, the love of my life and my best friend left me for unknown reasons.

    One of the things I blog about as you probably know and something I believe:
    is that when a door closes, a window will open. We only have to be adept enough to find the opened window. Seems like Jesse was. Good for her.


    1. I am grateful for “The Secret,” too, although I didn’t watch it until much after learning about the law of attraction, which I did mostly through “Conversations With God.”

      1. OMG, Mollie!
        Conversations with God is another favorite of mine. What an amazing series of books.


  2. I’ve avoided this “The Secret” book, but I’ll give it a look after reading this blog. For anyone interested, Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons” (and it’s various subsequent editions) goes into a lot of detail on the laws of attraction, cosmic habit force, and much much more. You can also get it in audio, and it’s worth reading three times in a row, because a lot of the so called new age material outright steals from his teachings without giving credit where it is due (the teachings are timeless, he doesn’t own them, but he was very organised in recording them for others benefit).

  3. Mollie,
    I do so enjoy your posts and guests and, especially, you as a friend. I got an urge today. I have not actually read “The Secret”. I have read many many books similar. Today, I wondered. I used to own a copy, but think I sold it at some point. The book I found “TNT The Power Within You” is one of the books (an old one) that changed my life. I think I will reread it and look for a used copy of “The Secret”. Different things lead different people to the same place and I may already be there. I often feel as if I were, but there is just a little missing sometimes – We shall see. I am happy, but…could I be even happier?

    1. Scott,

      Thank you for your kind words. I know you’re a sincere person; it comes across clearly, and I like that so much.

      Anyway, have you had a chance to read any of my books? I’d like to gift you one of your choice.


      1. Yes, Mollie, I have read 2: “The Emergency Diet” and “What I Learned from Jane”.
        Would love to read “Happiness is the Truth” or “Alone and Together” and would be thrilled to receive either.
        Thank you,