Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Had a Relaxing, Enjoyable and Affordable Vacation”

Contributor: Anonymous

Recently, my husband and I took a trip to Mexico. It was last-minute, and not all that well-planned, and I must admit that the first couple of days weren’t that great.

We wanted to be having fun. We tried to have fun. But things just weren’t going our way.

First, there were the prices. Everything was higher than we’d remembered. Then, there was the lack of air conditioning and the considerable mosquito problem in the small towns we’d chosen to stay in (a town that, incidentally, came highly recommended).

So, during one hot evening and long wakeful night, I repeated an affirmation a couple of times. It was this:

“Our vacation is relaxing, enjoyable and affordable.”

The next day, I woke up in a much more positive frame of mind. After breakfast Tim and I went online and found a great deal on a hotel in a different town by emailing the owner. When we got there, the place was exactly what we were looking for and everything was more affordable as well. We stayed there for the rest of the trip, enjoying the awesome swimming, snorkeling and food without going over our budget.


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  1. Hi Mollie, first time here. Your story interests me. It vexes the mind whether Cozumel would have been great for you even if you hadn’t done your affirmation. Perhaps it was the affirmation, perhaps it was the fact that you thought your affirmation COULD work that all worked together to in creating a fun time. I truly think that the Universe is alive and listens to everything we say and think…so long as we are attuned to it. Getting attuned to it, now that’s the tricky part (but it’s only because our stubborn minds get in the way). Looking forward to reading more of your stuff,

    1. Thanks, Bill, for your thoughtful reply! I don’t know whether this would have been the case, either, but I do believe that part of the power of positive thinking is in the way it shifts our mood directly–not just the circumstances around us. So, either way, it works!

  2. Doing your own research is very important. It amounts to, in my opinion, how much that person is like you. The A/C situation, for example, if they weren’t in their room much at all and the nights happened to be breezy and cool, they might not have cared.
    Thanks for the reminder.