Law of Attraction Success Story: “We Manifested the Retirement of Our Dreams”

Guest contributor: Jan Beekman of  Jan writes an inspiring blog about motherhood and more.

A few years back, my husband and I were ready to retire from California (where we had lived our entire lives–67 years, minus a couple years in Germany early on, when he was in the army). We found a log house in Utah that we fell in love with, made an offer, and received NO response. It was a good offer … but not full asking price. A year later, we learned the house still had not sold; it had been taken off the market, and was now back on. In the meantime, my husband had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and we had put our move on hold–we were were in a “watchful waiting” mode. We bought a beautiful Monaco Camelot motor home instead of a retirement home, and we’d made several enjoyable trips. Now, a year later, we were ready to revisit the Utah house and make another offer.

On our way there, we drove to visit friends who had recently moved to Montana. While there, my husband fell in love with the state–the terrain, the openness, the wildlife, the people. However, I still had my heart set on that Utah log house. We looked at houses in Montana, saw one that to me was “just okay” but in a beautiful location. However, my heart was in the Wasatch Mountains outside Salt Lake City!

So, we left Montana and returned to Utah and made another offer. Returning home to California, expecting a response, we heard back from the Montana folks, but NOTHING from Utah! Again, it was an offer certainly worthy of a counter offer at least! God’s message was pretty clear to us: He didn’t want us in Utah.

As I write this today, Montana is where my husband and I have been for the past six years. That “just okay” house has become the most wonderful home in the most supportive, beautiful community, and my husband’s cancer is gone.

“All things come together for good for those who believe … and who act according to His purposes.” I am glad I was tuned in to the Holy Spirit–to God’s leading–and to the future He intended for me. When we tried to go in a different direction, He put up roadblocks: silence! But when we moved in His direction, He gave us the green light – and the checkered flag!



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  1. Great story Mollie, thanks for sharing it from Jan Beekman. This, however brings up a question from me and to let you know there’s a problem with the link here. There is a WP writer ‘Jan Beek’ and her blog is just her name, like that. Then there is the author who wrote the great story you’re sharing here: Jan Beekman but I have a hard time finding her again. I have enjoyed her stories but have trouble remembering the name of her blog. Is it ‘Talk to me, I’m your Mother’ ?? I hope you can help because I’d like to find her again (and this time Follow!). Warm hugs and gratitude for all you blog about Mollie. Cheers, Gina

    1. BTW – This is not the motherhood writer you mentioned. She is retired. If you want, I can ask this author to email you (I have her email address) to confirm.

      1. You are a dear Mollie, for helping clear up some of my confusion. I follow Jan Beek, she is a wonderful and wise lady. I just saw you said the story was by Jan Beekman, so I was confused 🙂 I wish that were a rare occurrence! Anyways thank you again and keep up the great work. I enjoy all your blogging! Cheers ~Gina