Self-Help Success Story: Gary Leigh: “I Got Rid of the Voices in My Head”

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When I was around nine years old, I began to hear thoughts in my mind that were talking independently. I would have conversations with them and eventually they got to the point where they would talk full-time. I don’t recall what was said now, but I do remember there were a lot of them and that they all became overwhelming.

As you can imagine, I assumed I was making this all up and it was just in my imagination.

Then around age eleven, I started to feel what I can only describe as a clawing sensation in my mind. It’s a very difficult thing to put into words, but it was highly unpleasant. It felt like something was trying to take me over. Not so much possess me, but eradicate my being.

Every day this would grow stronger until I was constantly engaged in my own hidden, private battle. As I could not really explain what was going on, I never told anyone around me until one night, when I was thirteen, I was staying with my mother at a friend’s place. I told her what was going on and instead of dismissing it as rubbish, she took it seriously. She had no answers, though.

But a month later, we went to visit these people who also happened to be Jehovah Witnesses. One night, she told them what I had told her, and the next day, they sat me down and told me that Satan was trying to get my soul and I needed to ask God for help.

So I began to do that and the attacks would stop for a short while, only to return a little stronger. So many times a day, I would say, “God help me, Satan be gone.”

In the meantime, I would carry on with my life as normal, and no one ever knew what I was battling. Over the years, I started to become weary and at the same time, more persistent with fighting Satan and attacking him back as best I could.

It was an ever-perpetuating circle and I was losing. Eventually, at age twenty, I had an epiphany that if fighting Satan with hate made him stronger, then maybe love would have the opposite effect. So I said to him in my mind, “You can join me, but only in love.” Then I sent him thoughts of love, compassion and peace.

The change was instant. The attacks stopped immediately, never to return–something I had never imagined was possible. At first I was cautious, just in case they returned, but instead of my old mantra of “God help me and Satan be gone,” my new one was a constant “Love and peace, love and peace.”

And that’s when my spiritual journey really started to take off.

Incidentally, this is a perfect example of the saying “What you resist, persists and what you look at and make your own disappears.”

What began after that was years of spiritual study and pursuit. I read everything I could find for answers to how the Universe worked, but true information was limited back in the 80s. Still, I slowly began to piece it all together. It took decades before I finally started to really remember who I was and why I was here and most importantly, why those attacks had happened.

Today, I practice sending love out daily. It’s a state of being now. It’s a message I’ve been trying to get out there for a long time. Especially for those so called spiritual warriors who believe that attacking and destroying the darkness is the answer. It’s not. You’re just feeding them a feast.

But love is only one part of the solution, which is why it doesn’t always produce the serenity that you desire. You also have to heal from past traumas and shift your perspectives.

True love is unconditional. It’s not judging others. It’s being there for all regardless of who they are. It’s compassion, healing and caring. But that does not mean you allow others to use, abuse or attack you. It’s standing in your own power and healing the lines that cause the attacks to begin with.

In light and love,

Gary Leigh

P.S. I can often do in a session or two what others tell me they have not been able to achieve in years of therapy. I heal the soul rather than treating the symptoms. If you would like to learn more about my services, visit For full details of my journey and experiences, visit


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  1. Now, he sounds fascinating. I, myself, do not believe in Satan, yet there could be simply an inner voice that is the part of you pulling you our of the light nd you must acknowledge it.

    1. I don’t know what the spirit was, either, but it was something. I don’t need more info, really. I can say that I would LOVE to have some energy healing done someday. I had Reiki once and it was awesome.

      1. Thanks for the comment. It took me a long time to work out who the spirit was. Technically, the Biblical Satan does not exist. So yes, it’s certainly not what I was told. However, in the realm of the relative, everything exists on some level and things like Satan, Lucifer, Baal, etc, happen to be titles taken up by negative entities.

        The irony ended up being that the entity who was attacking me (or one of them) ended up having the Satan title. (That discovery decades later made my head hurt as I had previously dismissed it as not being real.)

          1. This situation didn’t become resolved till the year 2000. Even though I was no shielded against those attacks, other types of attacks were still happening. (Mostly using others to attack me.) Finally, there was a final showdown where I was able to make peace with him. (Mind you, I still had no clue who it was, just that this was a very persistent being with a real bone to pick.) I was able to do this by communicating with him telepathically, which is how I am able to talk to many such beings.

            I felt his energies change and felt him leave. It was around 7 years later when I met him as an incarnated person. He had come looking for me and found me online. There was this instant connection. As the years went on, we started to not only remember who we were and what we did, but also he had a very clear memory of that period of time when I was attacked.

            Strange but true.