Self-Help Success Story: Jenion: “I Decided That Today, I Would Not Be Anxious”

Guest contributor: Law of attraction believer Jenion,

I am a word person. I always have been, though for much of my life I relegated the power of words to my heart. I didn’t know that some words could affect my daily experience, too.

And then the idea of “intention” (and it’s sister concept, the “law of attraction”) exploded on the scene. The New Age movement meets quantum physics! So, along with everyone else, I watched “What the Bleep”, read Lynn Grabhorn’s “Excuse Me, You’re Life is Waiting,” and more–there is no shortage of material out there which says that we can create our own reality and attract into our lives the things we want by “setting our intention.”

I liked these ideas, despite the fact that much of what has been written is tinged with magical thinking and focused on achieving material abundance. Although I’m not bent on earning my first million, I am attracted to the concept that it might be up to me whether any given day is a good day or not. So, since then, I’ve tried several experiments with the idea of intention. One notable example ended up with me getting free meat at the grocery store–it was a fun experiment, but the free meat has not been a replicable outcome. What has and can be replicated, though, is the intention to manage my own choices such that a positive outcome is practically guaranteed.

I remember the first time I approached an annual event, one which I had dreaded every year, with this specific intention: “Today, I will be not be anxious. I will be calm and open to every person who approaches me. If there is a problem, we will resolve it with compassion and respect.” I wrote the intention down, and said it aloud. Each time throughout the day that I began to feel anxiety or my composure began to slip, I would remind myself of the day’s intention.

In the end, it was a great day.

This may be one of the reasons the Gospel of John is my favorite. It’s first sentence “In the beginning was the Word” is perhaps my favorite sentence of all time. It’s followed by: “The Word was with God and was God.” In other words, God’s intention created everything. How amazing and powerful is that? And the light created by that intent has not and cannot be overcome by darkness.

As with every change we try to make in life, practice is called for and perfection is a million miles away. But I have more successfully intentional days now than I did five years ago, or five months ago. And that has, indeed, changed my life forever.



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  1. Be careful, Mollie. You are starting to wax just a bit poetic.
    (Actually, I like that idea of you)
    Our mind can and does create our life. Every second of it comes from the choices we made and the mindset we have. I believe that and have been proving it for decades in my own life and those around me.