Self-Help Success Story: Jenny Thorne: “Walking Inspires Me”

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This photo courtesy fatseth, a contributor.

This self-help success story was contributed by Jenny Thorne.

About two months before giving birth to my son, I experienced a personal breakthrough: I started taking walks. A few months before that, I’d read a book about the link between mental and physical health and at the end, the author recommended long, mindful walks as a wellness practice. Though I didn’t start right away, the thought lingered in my head until one day, the desire hit. And as I’ve learned, when the desire to do something hits–something that’s actually good for you–there’s probably a good reason for it.

So, I took a walk. A long, beautiful walk. And even though I had to pee most of the way (seven months pregnant, remember), I loved it. A few days later, I went again, and again a few days after that, and ever since then, it’s been almost an addiction. It gives me a physical high that greatly helps me truly enjoy the rest of my day. It helps me be much more present. Since I’ve suffered from depression for much of my life, it comes as a surprise to me that one of the most effective strategies I’ve found is simple and free.


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  1. Thank you. This is a great habit to get into … and one that is easy to get out of, to the detriment of your health and well being! Keep walking. You inspired me to keep moving. You might say, I was moved …. 🙂

    1. Good, glad to inspire you a bit today.

      What I learned from this is that spiritual practices–what brings us closer to God–are as individual as we are. What works for you is what works for you.

  2. That is ecstatically inspired. Mollie — thank you, you beautiful Mamma Jamma you!

    Wow and woah, I’m being flash flooded with some kind of inspirational side effect from reading this . . . .


  3. Mollie, you are beautiful and wonderful woman and mother. I am so very glad that you have found so many sources of spiritual happiness and awakening. I enjoyed “Communion with God” also.

  4. We each find our own strengths and ways to empower ourselves, I love long walks in addition to many other types of exercise (sprinting, hiking, martial arts, dance) and have been walking for many years, and was excited to read your blog on walking and the inspiration and good feelings you have experienced. I also have experienced such feelinds/states many times, long walks can produce a trance like state, not unlike tribal dance or deep meditation, provided you are focused on the walking and not too much of the external environment, enjoy the scenerey and wild plants, birds, etc, but I try to stay away from the industrial noises, also, if we are in a good mood etc, we are more likely to tune into out higher self and listen to what it is that we most want to do in life, or are most passionate about in the present moment.

    1. I definitely find that happiness causes me to feel more inspired than does pain. Happiness is underrated. 🙂 Pain can be good for you as everyone says, but happiness can, too!