Law of Attraction Success Story: "My Bill Was Paid in Full"


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Quite a few years ago, due to a series of what some would call “bad” luck, I found myself over $4400 behind in rent payments. No matter what action I took to get paid up to date, from scrimping and saving, to finding ways to make extra money, nothing helped. I was suddenly reminded that our “thoughts become things” as Mike Dooley says, and I decided to use my imagination to visualize being paid up in full.

Every evening when I got home, I would lay down on my sofa, close my eyes, and imagine telling my sweetie, “All of my rent is now paid up in full!” I would feel the relief, excitement, and satisfaction of knowing it was true, and I would imagine his excitement and congratulations.

I never gave any thought to how this would happen; instead, I went straight to the end result, to the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

I did this for about seven or eight minutes every evening. If during the day the thought of being past due came to my mind, I immediately switched my thoughts to the congratulations from Sweetie and went on about my day.

Suddenly, one month later, a man walks up to me and introduces himself as my new landlord. He then hands me a paper and tells me that starting the next month, this is where to send my rent.

Turns out, the previous landlord had lost track of all the records, and in that moment, all of my past due rent was wiped off the slate and I was PAID UP IN FULL, and I have been ever since.

What a relief! It felt even better than I had imagined it, and it happened in a way I would never have imagined.

It didn’t take any force, struggle, or effort–just the deliberate use of our great power to create with our imagination.

The truth is, we are using our imagining powers all the time. So why not deliberately use your imagining power to manifest what you desire and increase your luck?

Lucky Lady


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